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Campus Awakening Resource Kit: University Edition

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This kit provides the essential elements to build a thriving ministry on university and college campuses. This resource will help you to clarify your ministry vision and values, establish Kingdom culture, and release leaders and ministry expressions that will touch lives and transform campuses.

The University Campus Awakening Resource Kit includes the following:

•         1 Leaders Manual: DVD

•         1 DVD set of 16 teaching sessions

•         1 Resource Disc

The Leaders Manual: DVD is an interactive leaders’ manual comprised of 16 teaching sessions, corresponding with the DVD set, which are some of the foundational teachings from Bethel church and the Jesus Culture team. This manual includes introductory material, Leader’s Corners, Discussion Questions, and Activation Steps to empower

The DVD Set is composed of sixteen 45-minute dynamic teaching sessions that will empower you and your team with the tools and understanding on how to live the supernatural Christian lifestyle with teachings from Bill Johnson, Banning Liebscher, Kris Vallotton, Danny Silk, Michael Brodeur, and Sean Smith.

Disc 1

Campus Awakening Introduction                 

Bill Johnson “Supernatural Courage” Banning Liebscher “Courageous Dreamers”                 

Disc 2

Bill Johnson “Renewing Your Mind”                 

Kris Vallotton “Paupers to Princes”                                   

Disc 3

Sean Smith “Carrying the Spirit of Revival” Kris Vallotton “Prophetic Culture”                                   

Disc 4

Danny Silk “Culture of Honor”                  

Danny Silk “Culture of Honor”                  

Disc 5                 

Sean Smith “Supernatural Evangelism” Michael Brodeur “Mobilizing Ministry”

Disc 6

Sean Smith “Developing Dynamic Devotions”                 

Banning Liebscher “Time To Go Public”                                                                                         

Disc 7

Banning Liebscher “Embracing the Call to Leadership”

Michael Brodeur “Mentoring Leaders”                                                                                                           

Disc 8

Banning Liebscher “Sustaining Prayer”                 

Michael Brodeur “Multiplying Ministries”                 

The Resource Disc includes printable handouts for each teaching session. Print these out for the students in your group so they can follow along during the DVD sessions. These handouts outline the main points of teach teaching while giving room for personal note taking. Check online for additional resources as well.