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After four Olympic Games, I began to reflect on the “Why” of my life as a professional snowboarder. For much of my young life and throughout most of my career, I believed that success would fulfill me. Most people do. I found myself driven for more- more medals, more exposure, more sponsors, and more people praising me for my performance. I realized that somewhere in the midst of successes and failures, accolades and achievements I lost myself. As I took inventory of all of it, I discovered that success did not equal fulfillment and if I didn’t start living from a healthy place, my influence would end when my career did. 

It is easy to look at the lives of professional athletes through the lens of fame. This lens filters out the hard stuff and paints a picture of a life without process- But, life is all about process. In this book, I set out to define what motivates me while helping others discover what might be motivating them. I help people change the “rose-colored” lens that leaves them apathetic and entitled, to a lens that brings the whole picture into focus.  

This book begins at the pinnacle moment in my career thus far- The Salt Lake City Olympic Games. From there, I journey back to the plastic snowboard my dad bought me when I was seven years old and describe the highs and lows that have marked my career. As the book develops, I identify obstacles, struggles, and hindrances to success, while providing strategies to overcome them. I build in foundations of belief, hard work, and consistency, all built around the one thing that every person must discover no matter what they do- WHY?